SIGTAX AG is a company with a wide experience concerning corporate services. Our team of experts from various fields toghether with our lawyers and trustees partners is able to provide all kinds of services in the field of corporate administration.

We help you establish a business, but not only that: our team will guide you to success! If you work with us, we will develop a partnership, primarily advantageous for you; we will be the ones who will handle all legal aspects of your business, because it is important to have all the knowledge and necessary resources in order to not make mistakes that would cause losses.

It ‘s important for us to adapt to the needs of each client, our fields of activity are very varied; we address both those who are just starting out and want to open a company, and those who already have a business and need various corporate administration services.

Our goal is to make your job easier, to help you start your own business, and then we will guide you systematically towards the best solutions in the areas we cover.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients personalized attention and business solutions to cover all aspects involved in starting a business in Switzerland.

The success of SIGTAX reflects in our strong commitment to bring together specialists and resources working in a complex network, in order to be able to provide a full assessment of your corporate needs, every step of the way.

Asides from exceptional service, our clients’ satisfaction is always one of our top priorities. What makes our firm stand out from the rest, are three important factors: excellent services, competitive prices and overall value.

Our team would mean nothing if we did not include the most valuable player of the game. The most valuable player of our team is considered our client. Therefore, building a team with our clients is our approach that always wins. We do not just hear what our clients say; we listen! We do not ask our customers only for their opinion; we consult with them. We have a truly equal relationship, guided solely towards their interests.