One of the main purposes of audits is to ensure that the information provided to investors, stakeholders in a company or creditors is fully accurate and reliable and include specific statutory requirements for audits in Luxembourg. Other forms of financial reports are also included in the range of audit services, as they are necessary for the business processes involved in the activities of a company.

SIGTAX S.A.  is specialized in performing audits for companies in Luxembourg, which can be used as a basis for the decision making process. Our audits are based on the principles of accuracy, consistency, insight, involvement and technical experience, in order to provide the best service for our clients’ use.

Audits of financial statements are focused on compliance with the international standard of auditing on one hand and with specific Luxembourg regulations on the other hand. This type of audits are meant to provide a clear and balanced overview of the financial status of a company, for the management, investors, stakeholders, banks and other interested parties.

Various compliance regulations are fulfilled through regulatory audits, which contain financial information and other important data regarding a specific company.

Using an effective approach, based on transparency, credibility, decisive judgments and mutually agreed risks, our audit services provide you with a clear overview of the financial status of the company. Emerging risks and eventual weaknesses within a company are identified early, thanks to frequent communication with our client and involvement from our part.

In addition, our team of specialists will provide consulting and advice for our clients, based on the know-how of several industries gained working with Luxembourg-based companies.

Taking into account all these aspects, we are able to provide the best solutions for entrepreneurs interested in incorporating in Luxembourg, for small and medium-sized companies and larger companies in need for professional and independent audit services. We were able to develop a solid professional network for our team members and collaborators to offer assistance in any type of issue related to audit services in Luxembourg, be it simple or complex.