Relying in the services provided by a business center provides significant advantages such as having the possibility to rent office spaces – individual or shared, conference rooms for business meetings and additional services tailored to your company’s needs. The greatest advantage is the fact that a business center already has the necessary technical infrastructure and available staff. Therefore if you choose this option, you can reduce unnecessary costs when you establish a new business or when you relocate your company’s domicile to our Luxembourg business center.

The business center located in Luxembourg provides office spaces, conference rooms suitable for board meetings and other business meetings and, on request, personnel to ensure the success of your business. You can benefit from our support on daily business operations such as administration tasks, organization and daily office activities, all in a professional and friendly atmosphere. You can even set up a virtual office in Luxembourg to manage daily administrative activities.

Our Luxembourg business center is conveniently found in a central location, easy to reach by business partners and clients. You have the option to rent private or shared offices and conference rooms for a limited or unlimited period of time. The office spaces can be used for board meetings, training seminars and conferences or you can set up a virtual office, with a registered address in Luxembourg, a designated phone number and e-mail address for your company.

By using the services provided by the business center in Luxembourg, you can focus on establishing your company and developing your business even further. Instead of spending large amounts of money on renting expensive office spaces in an accessible location, you can take advantage of the benefits of a cost efficient Luxembourg-based office. We provide you with a convenient and affordable solution to have a company office in Luxembourg.