SIGTAX S.A. has a wide experience working with clients from several fields regarding Luxembourg company formation services and corporate services adapted to specific needs of each of them. Our team consists of experts from various fields that are able to provide a wide range of services for corporate clients, entrepreneurs and companies, including bookkeeping, company registration in Luxembourg, obtaining work permits for employees, corporate administration, tax planning and trust services.

We do more than just help you establish a business in Luxembourg; we also provide the necessary support to guide your business venture towards success. Working with SIGTAX S.A. means developing a solid partnership that has your best interests as main objectives. Our team will handle all the legal aspects regarding your business activities, as your main concern should be to prevent any losses or legal issues and we have the necessary resources and know-how to prevent that.

One of the main aspects that we focus on is flexibility, because we know how important it is to be able to adapt to the specific needs of each of our clients. Our services are addressed to those who are just starting a business and want to establish a company in Luxembourg as well as those who already developed business operations here and are in need of corporate administration services.

The main goal of SIGTAX S.A. is to make the process of starting your own business in Luxembourg as easy as possible and then offer you the best options for your business activity in the areas that we cover.

Our tailored business solutions are designed to cover all aspects involved in starting or managing a business in Luxembourg. From audits and trust services, to office spaces for business meetings or company board meetings and virtual offices in Luxembourg, we have it all covered.

Your success in any type of business venture is ensured by our strong commitment to bring together complex resources and seasoned specialist that work together throughout a well-developed network, which enables us to provide full assessment of all you corporate needs .

Client satisfaction is one of our top priorities, asides from providing exceptional service. Three important factors make SIGTAX S.A. stand out: best possible services, competitive prices and the overall added value to your business. These three factors combined are the main pillars for a solid and healthy business strategy in any field of activity.

Each client that chooses to work with us is becoming a part of team, as constant communication and feedback are the two components that guarantee a winning approach. Not only do we listen to what clients have to say, we also consult with them making sure that we built a strong business relationship that always follows their best interests along the way. This way, you can be certain that we manage all the hassles and hurdles that are inevitable when it comes to day-to-day activities, but at the same time you have full control on the decision-making process.