Company formation

Register a company in Luxembourg

If you wish to incorporate a company in Luxembourg, you must know that every newly incorporated company should be registered with the Trade and Companies Register. The Trade and Companies Register id an official database of all companies and individuals engaged in trade activities in Luxembourg.

Lowest tax rates in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Western Europe and it comprises of two principal regions: Oesling in the north part and Gutland in the south. Due to its central location in Europe, it always had a great strategic importance for numerous other countries that established commercial or financial business relationships with Luxembourg. 

Benefits of a holding company in Luxembourg

The best option to open a holding company in Luxembourg is a SOPARFI. A SOPARFI is a resident company in Luxembourg that is fully taxable, but has the advantage of participation exemption and may benefit from double tax treaties signed by Luxembourg with more than 70 countries as well as from provisions of the EU parent – subsidiary Directive.